Name Cakes for Friday’s Feast

I promised this for Friday … the problem is … I live in a society where Friday could be TUESDAY!!!

Here’s Friday’s Feast though.

My grandmother used to bake us cakes in the shape of our names. I don’t know how she did it … many pans I suspect to shape out KORIE!

My grandmother is a rockstar cake baker. I’m not a baker, unless you count cooking frozen pizza pies.

One more time, my grandmother is a ROCKSTAR cake baker.

That’s all.
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5 Responses to Name Cakes for Friday’s Feast

  1. That one girl says:

    Can’t bake to save my life. Two batches of cookies went into the trash this week from me thinking that this non-baker thing was just in my head. I suck. Finally went to Whole Foods and bought myself some cookies cause I’m THAT bad.

  2. Carnation says:

    hi there, i love baking too but got no time and space at the moment. got an award for you at

  3. CaJoh says:

    Thank you for your short but sweet Feast. Someone suggested to me that I make pancakes in the shape of F2, but I never got round to it.If she’s a Rockstar baker, do people ask for her autograph?

  4. Rachel says:

    I wish I could bake! I’m not bad at pies, but rockstar cake-baking eludes me!

  5. Susan says:

    I used to enjoy cake decorating for the kids birthdays, but the cakes themselves were just made from a mix!Good look with the body makeover!

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