Some Funny Lines On TV

Okay … so the other night I was watching the So You Think You Can Dance episode where they pick the top 20 and I was cracking up at what one of the judges, Mia Michaels, said to one of the contestants. Here it comes:

Mia Michaels to Randi Evans: … you haven’t stepped into your glory yet, i feel that you’ve stepped into your confidence with your little unitards … you know your unitards … are like … they’re no joke, and you are committed to your unitards, if you could commit to your artistry like you do to your unitards, you will go very far in this world young lady!!!!

Oy Alex, one of the contestants, would have gotten into the top 20 but he had a contract with a ballet company, and they wouldn’t let him out of his contract! Unbelievable!

Then … later on a new show called Royal Pains a very nice one liner jumped out at me:

Evan Lawson: What’s my extreme sport?

Dr. Hank Lawson: Um … social climbing? (he he he)




2 Responses to Some Funny Lines On TV

  1. bernthis says:

    we find that many people in L.A. excel in just that same sport

  2. SweetPeaSurry says:

    I just bet ya do, bern. However, I've been watching this show 'Snapped' on the 'women get picked on channel' (aka Lifetime) and it seems social climbing is not relegated only to L.A. This sport seems to happen all OVER the USA. Strange huh?

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