Update and still training!

Heya folks,

Just letting you know I’m still alive and still training the guy taking over my desk. He’s pretty doggone slow too, so it looks like it’ll be another week to two weeks of training. WOOT WOOT!!!!

(not really woot woot, I was being facetious about that … I really really dislike training other people, it’s a pain in my bloody neck, back, head whatnot!!!)

Hope all is well with you guys I miss being able to read your posts and things! Back to normal all in good time though.

Post and Comment atcha all latah!!!

Hugs, kisses and bright blessings,



2 Responses to Update and still training!

  1. Pearl says:

    Just don't forget to come back!!:-)Pearl

  2. Lacey says:

    Seriously, come back soon already!

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