This is a quickie post, I have my Yule post all put together, but I’ve been too wiped to post and edit it. Soon my friends … and hopefully before the next Sabbat!

Today I’m gonna tell you a little story about a man named Jed …

No no no … that’s not the one! It’s the Wii story.

So … my folks hit the 21st century running and got themselves a Wii for Christmas. WOOT and HOOT!

I stopped by their house several days ago and decided to play a few games of bowling. Right on, pretty easy right? WRONG!

First … I just want to point out that I rocked the game for my first time playing, and averaged 180. GO me!

Second … I woke up the next morning with Wii arse itis.

Here’s the deal … you know when you bowl, just before you let go of the ball you lunge a bit on one leg and bend a bit forward? Well I was going through that motion while playing the Wii. Needless to say … the next day my left bum cheek came down with Wii bum-sitis. It was SORE. Actually my whole left leg was sore, and my tummy muscles were a bit sore. Good GAWDS I’m out of shape if 6 games of Wii bowling kick my ever beloved arse!!!

Be CAREFUL out there Wii’ers!

You’ve been warned!

Brightest blessings,



One Response to Wii-bum-itis

  1. Kathy says:

    LOL I hope the arse is doing better! Idk if I told you but I like this layout…alot! Can’t wait for the promised post….quit teasing us!!

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