Mid-season blues? No way!!!

Ahhh … I haven’t posted in a while, I know.  There really hasn’t been much news.  I have postponed enrolling in my beginners photography class for 2 reasons.  I need to buy an all manual, film loaded, 35mm camera, and those are still not cheap. I need to shop around.  AND if I’m taking outdoor shots, I really don’t want to do it when it’s 40 below zero!  So not only am I frugal by not spending money willy nilly; neglecting other required bills and such, but I’m super-duper smart too!

In regards to the camera though, I found a used one Ebay, very nice stuff.  Does anyone know anything about cameras? This one is a Olympus OM10.  The kit includes: Om10 Camera Body (no? really?), Auto-S 1:1.8 f=50mm lens, RMC Tokina 75-150mm 1:3.8 lens, and a camera bag for right around 100 bucks.  Is this a good deal? Should I get a jump on it? There are actually several of them out there, most of them just aren’t offering that second zoom lens.  I think I’d like to have that.  AND don’t forget … I haven’t even checked the pawn shop yet! Let me know what you know!  My class starts in March, so I have some time to browse!

Now … some of you remember my tweet from several days ago.  About the mexican jumping bean lady? The one that jumps every time she gets a phone call, even though her JOB is as a customer service rep?  Well if not … you’re s.o.l., because this is a long post and I’m not retyping it.  I will just say that luckily, I haven’t had to train her again since then.  My mgrs LOVE me and do what I tell them to do!!! (As well it should be)

Most people tend to get a little depressed this time of year. NOT I!!!! I’ll tell you why and there are two reasons:

Reason #1: Tanning Salons.  That’s right … there’s nothing like a little sun therapy to keep your spirits up! I will die someday, and honestly … I’ll be dead so I won’t care what I look like.  (also … I still look really young, and if you’re going ALL NATURAL … what’s more natural than unnatural sunlight?)

Reason #2: Mid-season television shows

And for all my list-happy followers out there. (you all know who you are!) Here’s a list of the show’s I’ll be watching Mid-season:

Human Target: I mean c’mon … Mark Valley (drool), Chi McBride (although I’ll miss his Pushing Daisies private dick ways!) and Jackie Earle Haley? Fantastico!!!

Rules of Engagement: Two words. Oliver Hudson. Yummy!

Life Unexpected

White Collar

The Closer

Psych: Yummy yummy psych! (see how everything with leading men are yummy?)

Those are just a few … as I haven’t put together my full spreadsheet yet.  I’m still working on it. 

Oh … and here pretty soon … LOST resumes.  MUST NOT FORGET LOST.  (And also I must get the boxed set for each season too!)

So there you have it … MAD (the disease not the comic book) is overrun by the tanning bed, and yummy goodness snuggles on the sofa watching ooey gooey good TV makes me a happy happy girl … and apparently a mushy one too! 

And for now … that’s all folks!

Brightest blessings,



One Response to Mid-season blues? No way!!!

  1. Kathy says:

    Psych is one of my favorites!!

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