Let the good lists roll!

A List of Good things:

1. I’m looking for and finding many Canon AE-1 Program camera packages, which include multiple lenses, on E-Bay.  I’ll be checking the pawn shop Sunday or Monday.

2.  My dog chews my nose, chin and hair (not necesarily in that order, and I don’t have hair on my chin) when I’m sleeping.  It’s funny until it wakes me up.

3.  I’ve lost enough weight thus far, that I can slide the pants I’m wearing now down over my hips without unbuttoning or un-zipping them. HOORAH!

4.  I really do have plans to start returning to my regularly scheduled blog posts.  I’ll be doing this right after hell freezes over and Facebook games are taken off the market.  HAH … Just kidding, I will be going back to the good stuff soon.

5.  I haven’t had to train jumpin’-jackie flash again, and I hear she’s (after a month of training) going solo.

~I’m going to take a moment here, to reiterate the situation with JJF as mentioned in #5.  JJF is a woman who I work with, who shall now and always be referred to as JJF.  A little background.  I’ve been with the company for almost 6 years.  (longest job EVAH) The job we do is customer service.  PEOPLE I MAKE TRAINS MOVE!!! Our department is split up into several desks.  We have desks that just handle a particular commodity such as grain, we have desks that handle all the ‘stuff’ we get from other railroads, we have desks that handle maintenance throughout the regions … etc.  All of the functions we use on any of the various desks are the same.  They DO NOT CHANGE from desk to desk.  Now … this woman has worked for and has done ‘customer service’ for the company for nigh on 20 years.  Honestly, as far as functions go … not much has changed.  So can someone tell me WHY she jumps when she gets a phone call? (Answering the customer’s call IS our job BTW) Can someone tell me why she has to be re-taught basic functions on each desk she moves to? Do you think if these questions were answered they would be the same as the answers to the questions of the Universe and thus we would be able to live in utopian bliss? y’all can get back to me on that.  End mid-list rant.~

6.  Mah doggies are getting used to the ‘getting locked up in the kitchen because da mama is going to work’ routine.  IE. They don’t freak out on the asteroid anymore.

7.  I’m getting super excited about returning to school, even though it is just for fun.

8. Did I tell you that my clothes are now too big? Did I? Well that’s good enough to mention twice I think.  However I’ll add another little tidbit here if you don’t like fillers.  I’m now writing in an actual journal.  Yes … a paper and pen journal! It’s fabulous and most of the stuff I put in there is dead dull boring. In addition, I’ve learned my handwriting is atrocious!

9.  I’m getting myself financially fit, and will soon be trading my baby-SUV in for a newer baby-SUV.

10.  Finally, I have the next 2 days off.  I don’t know if I’ll be inspired to post a blog or not.  As you all well know, I’ve moved here to wordpress and I’ve posted willy nilly and I don’t think many folks are stopping by much. *sighs*

Brightest blessings,



6 Responses to Let the good lists roll!

  1. Kathy says:

    Well I stop by all the time 😉 count on me lol and maybe JJF has bad nerves or one time I worked with a girl that had suffered a head injury in a car accident and she forgot everything every day. we had to keep a list by her register just so she could see how to do her job. it was kinda sad…I am lovin your list of good things! They made me smile 😀

    • You are such a sweetheart!! I always appreciate you stopping by! I’d like to knock this woman in the head so I’d have an understanding of why she’s so rediculous. She used to be a lawyer for pete’s sake!

  2. pam says:

    What Facebook game do you play? On second thought, don’t tell me. I don’t wanna play.

  3. Holly says:

    Sounds like things are ROCKIN’ for you! Woo-hoo!

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