Let’s Hear it for the Bentos!

I have been working on my bod lately, and let’s just say I’ve been horrible less than stellar at sticking to my diet.  However, it’s still working, even going off and on again.  Which is nice, because although the going is slow it is in fact … going.  I’m still at the 20lbs lost mark, but I’m still losing inches, which means with my (again less than stellar) trips to the gym, things are … shifting.  This is good news.  To tell you the truth I was right by the mirror on the treadmill Monday morning, and hell’s bells … my arse looked pretty doggone good, if you didn’t look at the hips above it that is. 

I have found the most amazing way to keep my food stuffs in check while I’m at work.  In general I usually eat about 3 meals at work.  Each meal consists of 2 oz of lean meat, 1/2 cup of carbs and 1-2 cups of veggies.  I was trying to find a better way than to haul around a pot load of tupperwear and still keep my meals organized and interesting.  I FOUND IT!!!

I came across these Bento Boxes at Laptop Lunches

What a lifesaver these guys have been. I pack three of them up, toss them in my lunch box and head out the door. It makes preparing meals at work super duper easy! Just so you have an idea of what my eating day is like, I’ll give an outline.

Breakfast: 2 Eggwhites, 1/2 cup Otmeal and 1/2 cup of fruit

Mid Morning Snack: 2oz of protein and 1/2 cup potatoes

Lunch: 2oz of some lean meat, 1/2 cup rice, and 1-2 cups of veggies

Mid Afternoon Snack: 2oz of fish (scallops, cod, shrimp, talapi..), 1/2 cup potatoes or rice

Dinner: 2oz of some lean protein, 1/2 cup carbs of some sort, 1-2 cups veggies

Pm Snack: 1/2 cup fruit

One of the breakfast, lunch or dinner meals I’ll have an extra 1/2 cup of carbs depending on when I’m heading to the gym.  And don’t get me wrong … none of the proteins or carbs are set in stone, I use either the above fishes, lean chicken or turkey and sometimes I go crazy and cook me up a porkchop!

In total … since the start of this adventure (sometime last summer), I’ve lost 23 inches from head to toe. (1 inch off my neck, 4 inches off my waist, 3 inches off my shoulders … etc etc)

Now … I just received my Bento boxes last week. They’ve been working exactly as I’d hoped! It’s so easy to divide the food up, put it in it’s particular bento area and head out! I love it!!!

This type of snack/lunch packing is certainly recommended for children’s lunches too, although there are some cuter boxes out there for kids, that run along the same nutritional ideas!  Im so pleased with my purchase because it does in fact make my life sooo much simpler. 

I’m really starting to feel a lot better about myself too.  I have a lot more energy.  I love working out.  (I work out at 7am with 70+ crowd which never hurts either!) 

Sidebar:  This one older woman this morning was amazing, I swear I think she runs marathons or something, she has so much stamina and strength I was in awe.  I want to be just like her when I grow up!!!

I just know that this is something I can stick with, even if I do go off the wagon once in a while. ie. Cheese enchiladas and Rice! Or a wine night! YUMMY!

If I can stick with my plan all this week, religiously … I should drop another 5lbs and when I do … I’m hitting my favorite Mexican restaurant as a bonus to myself! WEE! (I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but there’s no dairy in my diet, no milk, no yogurt, no cheese, no nuffink! Holly … I know the cheese ench’s gross you out, but hell’s bells … I have a weakness for them still, I suspect that will subside as I start feeling better and better though.  And for those of you concerned for my calcium intake, it’s proven that dark leafy greens provide more calcium than diary products!)

Now … you guys will be reading this tomorrow morning/afternoon/evening, but now … my dogs are settling down and I’m heading back to sleep for a few more hours.  Down below I’ve treated you to a Bento lunch from the above website.

ஜ~§Quote Of The Day§~ஜ

Indeed, history is nothing more than a tableau of crimes and misfortunes.

ஜ~§The Question Of The Day§~ஜ

Which character from any film, television show, or book would you most like to take on a date and why?

ஜ~§The Word Of The Day§~ஜ



noun: A person filling in for another, especially for a doctor or clergyman.

From Latin locum tenens (holding the place), from locus (place) + tenere (to hold). The full form locum tenens is also used in English.

“Health authority CEO Bruce Quigley says they’re now able to offer higher rates for locums at both rural hospitals to fill vacant shifts.”

ஜ~§Poem Of The Day§~ஜ

The Song of Despair

You swallowed everything, like distance.
Like the sea, like time.
In you everything sank!
It was the happy hour of assault and the kiss.
The hour of the spell that blazed like a lighthouse.
Pilot’s dread, fury of a blind diver,
turbulent drunkenness of love,
in you everything sank!

Pablo Neruda

ஜ~§Recipe Of The Day§~ஜ

Pasta and Salad Bento


* Fettuccine with Fresh Parsley and Kalamata Olives
* Arugula Salad
* Nonfat Cottage Cheese
* Fresh Organic Strawberries

Preparation Notes

This fettuccine dish is simple to make, tastes great, and keeps well overnight. Prepare it for dinner in the evening, and then pack it for lunch the following day. Add a nice, crispy green salad and two side dishes, and you’ve got a delicious mid-day meal.

Boil the fettuccine per the instructions on the package. In a large bowl, prepare a sauce by combining extra virgin olive oil, fresh minced garlic, fresh chopped scallions, fresh chopped parsley, salt, and ground pepper. Add the pasta to the sauce and toss gently. Add some kalamata olives and feta cheese, and toss again.

Prepare an arugula salad by combining fresh arugula, dried cranberries, and sliced red onions. (Pack some Dijon vinaigrette dressing in the dip container on the side.)

Add a scoop of nonfat cottage cheese.

Add a handful of fresh organic strawberries.

Brightest Blessings!



7 Responses to Let’s Hear it for the Bentos!

  1. pam says:

    I’ve been wanting to get a bento box, because I like having a variety. But I usually heat up something at work and for that I need glass (microwave).

  2. Kathy says:

    I’ve never heard of those but they sound awesome! Question: Johnny Depp….because he’s beautiful 🙂

  3. Braja says:

    omg that pasta and salad looks incrEDIBLE….;)

  4. Greaaaaaaat. NOW, I’m hungry again.

    Fie you, SWS!

  5. Bento boxes are awesome.

  6. Wow! I want to start putting my lunches up!

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