Sickity sick! Plantity Plant

I have been sick sick sick this last week.  Head and chest cold … it’s been pretty eff’in excruciating!

I went to the clinic on Friday morning, and the doc prescribed me some ‘pump-you-up’ steroids.  Although, she says that after only 5 days of taking them … I’ll not look like Ahhh-nold.  Which is nice.  Although really a little toning wouldn’t hurt, ya know?

The steroids are for the wheezing low in my lungs.  Should clear it right up.  Other than that … I’m just taking OTC meds for the coughing and such.

I have GOT to quit smoking here people.  I have an appt to see the doc for my annual exam day after tomorrow.  I’m going to talk to her then about hitting a non-smoking plan! PRONTO!!!

I know I’ve been neglecting my blog … but honestly folks … there’s just not that much going on in my life.  I have not hit the gym for over a week, mostly due to this confounded cold.  I have no gumption though to do tedious day to day things in my blog anymore. 

I promise though, that when my dogs get up, head to the grocery store, come home, put groceries away and then whip up dinner, I’ll be SURE to post it!!!

However, in June, I will be posting on my school blog … SurrySnaps … when I start attending my Photography classes.  So there’s something to look forward to!! I’m planning on getting myself set up with a scanner and such too before classes start so that I can get pictures posted straight away! (remember the first few classes use ‘film’ cameras … WHA? ? ? )

So while I really haven’t gotten too much accomplished, I DID however, get three hanging planters made up and hung up on my back balcony!! YAY! We’ll see how far they go with my black thumb.  They look georgeous right now, all filled with dirt and waiting for some sproutlings! (my plan if I can’t get these seeds to grow, is go head to Michael’s and get me some silk trailing plants or something and just stick them in the dirt)

My dogs have been ANGELIC through out this whole illness of mine.  Just freaking ANGELIC and I’m not even being facetious.  Bless their little hearts!

That’s all folks!



2 Responses to Sickity sick! Plantity Plant

  1. Kathy says:

    Sorry you’ve been sick..I’ve been missing you!

  2. Your post title reminds me of a joke:

    A soldier just ran out of bullets. He turns to his superior officer and asks what to do. The officer says “Just point your gun at the enemy and yell ‘Bangity Bangity Bang’ then if you run out of those bullets, yell ‘Stabity Stabity Stab’. The soldier does this and is amazed that the enemy falls down. Then in the distance a lone enemy approaches.

    Bangity Bangity Bang… nothing
    Stabity Stabity Stab… still nothing
    Bangity Bangity Bang! Stabity Stabity Stab!
    Bangity Bangity Bang! Stabity Stabity Stab!

    …Tankity Tankity Tank

    Have a great day!

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