Sweet Crunchy Goodness

Heya peeps!!!

I’m nearly back to fighting form … and I’ll be heading back to the gym (finally) Monday morning.  WEET WEET!

I’ve pretty much been vegging out for the last week and a half … due to being ill … but I wanted to touch on a couple of products that you all might be interested in.

In the interest of health … I was trying to find some crackers that would be a treat to wolf down and didn’t taste like cardboard.  A friend of mine from work picked these, Crunchmaster Multi-Grain Crackers, up at Sam’s a few weeks ago … they can also be found at Kroger stores.  You’ll have to look them up online  to see where to find them in your area otherwise. 

They are SOOOO delicious though … that I highly recommend them! They’re crunchy and taste salty even though they’re VERY VERY low in sodium.  I just love their crispness and the taste is amazing. Also … GLUTEN FREE!!! At 15 crackers a serving … very fulfilling too!

Give them a go why doncha?

On to the next product that I’ve been RAVING about recently.  Is the  Aveeno Shower and Bath Oil. I love love love this stuff.  It keeps my skin super soft even though I’m tanning.  I totally recommend it!

TV is starting to rotate a bit … the fall/winter shows are wrapping up and the spring/summer shows are ramping up. 

My summer shows are as follows:

Army Wives, In Plain Sight, Mad Men, Merlin, The Closer, Raising the Bar, Warehouse 13, So You Think You Can Dance, Leverage, Dark Blue, Royal Pains, Burn Notice, Sanctuary, Psych, and Eureka.

This summer I’m adding Memphis Beat and Rizzoli and Isles to my line up too.  GOOD watching!!!!

Okay … that’s pretty much it for tonight … I’m fighting a bit of a headache.  You know … considering how much healthier I’ve been trying to be lately … everything else seems to be conspiring against me … these headaches really have GOT to stop!!!

Brightest Blessings,




One Response to Sweet Crunchy Goodness

  1. Kathy says:

    It takes your body a lil bit to get used to change..hang in there 🙂 I love, love, love multi-grain crackers and will have to try those!

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