AHA! Ya’ll thought you could …

Y’all thought you could get rid of me, ever so easily, right? Broken bones will stop me, right? NOPE.  A summer’s break from blogging will stop me, right? NO WAY! Lack of anything interesting or profound to say will stop me, right? HECK NO!!!

Although come to think of it, I have neither the profound nor the interesting to talk about … soooo I’m going to talk about my Photography class.

Before I do that … I have to go make some sense of something for work.  Hold tight!


I’ll just be a moment!!

Okay … I’m back … now … ONTO the Photo class.

First of all, I want to tell you all I had fully intended on posting some of my prints on here (well there SweetPeaSurrySnaps ) but I’ve recently been reminded that to do so for the first few classes would actually require a scanner, as it IS in FACT a film loaded 35mm SLR camera that I am using for class.  So you will all just have to bear with me as I try to muddle my way through explainations and whatnot. 

(I actually DO have a scanner, but it’s been so long since it’s been hooked up, I don’t know if it works, the printer part of it died so I was planning on tossing it out.  I’ll likely get something soon though, I’m trying to budget for it, I really DO actually need a printer too!)

So … my current project (after doing the basics like Photograms and playing around in the darkroom) is to photograph moving objects while playing with Aperature and Speed.  (Speed = how fast the shutter opens and closes and Aperature = how far you allow the shutter to open and close) 2 rolls, 2 venues.

For the first roll of film; first venue, I took my niece and nephew to the park and started changing settings and snapping away.  That was really really enjoyable. 

For my second roll of film; second venue, I headed out to the racetrack to see my dad race his car.  That was really really loud!

Monday (when you will all likely be reading this) we will develop the film and if time permits start making some prints.  Wednesday will be actual print making day.

Did you know … that once film is developed you can view it in the light, but in order to develop it, you have to do it all in the dark.  There is no ‘safe light’ for film as there is for prints.  (The safelight has to do with the print paper and not the actual negatives!) Interesting … huh? Well … I’m in the class to learn … and I certainly learned that. 

That is pretty much it so far. 

A side note.  I have a film developing tank

that I use to develope the film.  See that little white reel over there? I have to load the film out of the film canister (the thing that goes in the back of your camera) onto that reel in pitch black darkness, by feel only. 


(sometimes I just can’t wait to go digital but I know that what I’m learning here is invaluable! And often times, you get a better depth in your photos when you use film. *sighs*)

So … that’s what I’ll be doing in the ‘dark dark’ room this morning (Monday).

We’ll see how my snapshots turned out at a later date. (hopefully I can get one or two good prints out of it!!! Cross ya fingers and toes and pinkies!)

All my best!



2 Responses to AHA! Ya’ll thought you could …

  1. a_spod says:

    My dad worked for Kodak. So as a kid, I was there with a light meter, bracketing my exposures. And I got taught it all again during my astronomy degree. I still don’t really understand it, but if I here about reciprocity failure one more time I will scream.

    I hope your photos turn out okay.

  2. Kathy says:

    It’s so good to “see” you! I’m glad you’re enjoying your photo classes…can’t wait to see the pics!

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