Here’s the deal, either you’re a friend or not. I wanted my ‘girl’ to love me so much that I wanted her to tell me everything.

I didn’t give her everything about me

she keeps trying and i keep buying

but i never gave it up

she’s my  

best friend

oh for chrisake

who cares

no one cares

she’s gone

(Just a weird poem that popped outta me)


2 Responses to FRIENDSHIP

  1. Holly says:

    Oh no, what happened? Do you need a drinky buddy, cause you know I’m always here for you!

  2. a_spod says:

    friendship: it’s a comradeship that bit more than acquaintanceship and a bit less than discipleship. Through it’s membership we can share hardships. And though it may lead to courtship it never gives us ownership because its not a dictatorship. That’s why we should all treasurership it. Now are you all ship shape?

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