I’m just your average TV junkie and Bibliophile. I’m a 40ear old girl from Nebraska. I have 2 ‘Canine Kids’.  Sookie Bee and Kadee Bella.  I enjoy several TV programs such as Downton Abbey, Under the Dome, Psych, Royal Pains, Sinbad, Rizzolli and Isles among many more.  In addition to being a TV Junkie, as I said I’m also a severe Bibliophile. I read … A LOT. My favorite authors are Nora Roberts, Janet Evanovich, Dickens, Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Pullman, Martin and JK Rowling to name a few. I’ve slowed down a bit, and I’ve been going through 1-2 books a week, depending on the severity of the writing. (IE. Dickens doesn’t get done in a few days, but Nora does) If you want to know more … jussa hafta ask!!!

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  1. Murry says:

    Its Doctor Who… not Dr.. your a spelling nazi dont start…

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