Belly’ing Under

I know you all think I’m gone like Ghandi, but I’m not, you’re all still making me smile and laugh and belly laugh!

I honestly just ran out of things to say

I will tell you a quick jaunty story about mah dawg Sookie.

I took over my parents house ( they live on a corner lot and have a HUMONGOUS backyard ) when they were out of town. Sookie FINALLY went down the stairs all by herself and then ran around like a LUNATIC!

After she did that she bellied up to the gate ( the one that my father ran into with his racing trailer so that even my fat ass could now belly up under it ) and looked at me. Then she looked at the gate, then she looked at me … then she looked at the gate and bellied closer, then … POOF she made a RUN FOR IT!

I stood on the deck and giggled on the inside while making mad ‘mama’ faces and do you know what she did? Bellied back under the gate and into the yard, apparently she is a HUGE clown and if I don’t laugh … it’s not fun anymore!


One Response to Belly’ing Under

  1. Mary says:

    She sounds like a child or two I’ve known. I really enjoyed my visit to your site and I’ll be back. I hope you have a great day. Blessings…Mary

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