Belly’ing Under

May 19, 2011

I know you all think I’m gone like Ghandi, but I’m not, you’re all still making me smile and laugh and belly laugh!

I honestly just ran out of things to say

I will tell you a quick jaunty story about mah dawg Sookie.

I took over my parents house ( they live on a corner lot and have a HUMONGOUS backyard ) when they were out of town. Sookie FINALLY went down the stairs all by herself and then ran around like a LUNATIC!

After she did that she bellied up to the gate ( the one that my father ran into with his racing trailer so that even my fat ass could now belly up under it ) and looked at me. Then she looked at the gate, then she looked at me … then she looked at the gate and bellied closer, then … POOF she made a RUN FOR IT!

I stood on the deck and giggled on the inside while making mad ‘mama’ faces and do you know what she did? Bellied back under the gate and into the yard, apparently she is a HUGE clown and if I don’t laugh … it’s not fun anymore!

Just a quick allo!

November 20, 2010

Hiya folksies!!!

Here’s a few updates on me.  I’ve been busy, but unfortunately not taking photos.  I had to drop my photo class as it was interfering with work.  Working nights, sleeping days — I just wasn’t hitting things right.  So we’ll try again in the spring. *sad face for now*

On a more positive note, even though I’m not in class, I am studying my book, and I have a list of all of the assignments for the quarter, so I’m snapping photos at my leisure, based on the assignment requirements.  Since I don’t have a dark room, I’m having the photos developed via 1 hr photo and just using my loupe to see what’s what.  I’ll be better prepared for the spring semester this way, so YAY!!!

The holidays are coming up, and I seriously can’t believe nearly another year has gone by!!! It’s just CRAYZEE!!!

I can’t believe I posted on Oct 4 and then FAILED to tell you all about my automobile debacle!!! Where oh where is my BRAIN these days?

Okay … so on September 10th.  I was out running errands and my Suzuki started acting super duper wonky.  By wonky I mean it acted as though it was being electrically charged from the outside, like bolts of lightening were hitting it. 

I took it to my mechanic post haste.  They guy put it up on the auto scanner thingie-ma-bob.  When he came back out the news was grim, and basically along these lines.  “Your truck is nearly toast and I’d trade it in today if possible.”

Well … it wasn’t in the plans, but it certainly was possible.  So I scooted the thing (which was miraculously still running) down to the Nissan dealership. 

(I’d had my eye on a Rogue for a while now)

Test drove a Rogue, said yes to the dress, signed the papers and then headed home for some much needed sleep. 


That’s the story, so now I have a little Nissan Rogue, AWD.  I’m safe and happy and she runs like a dream. 

Still … I really didn’t have that purchase in the cards for at least another year … but at least I won’t be stranded on the side of the road, in the middle of the night … WOOT WOOT!

Hope all is well with my peeps!

Blessings and Happy Holidays!


let’s just stay here forever

November 14, 2010


November 5, 2010

Here’s the deal, either you’re a friend or not. I wanted my ‘girl’ to love me so much that I wanted her to tell me everything.

I didn’t give her everything about me

she keeps trying and i keep buying

but i never gave it up

she’s my  

best friend

oh for chrisake

who cares

no one cares

she’s gone

(Just a weird poem that popped outta me)

AHA! Ya’ll thought you could …

October 4, 2010

Y’all thought you could get rid of me, ever so easily, right? Broken bones will stop me, right? NOPE.  A summer’s break from blogging will stop me, right? NO WAY! Lack of anything interesting or profound to say will stop me, right? HECK NO!!!

Although come to think of it, I have neither the profound nor the interesting to talk about … soooo I’m going to talk about my Photography class.

Before I do that … I have to go make some sense of something for work.  Hold tight!


I’ll just be a moment!!

Okay … I’m back … now … ONTO the Photo class.

First of all, I want to tell you all I had fully intended on posting some of my prints on here (well there SweetPeaSurrySnaps ) but I’ve recently been reminded that to do so for the first few classes would actually require a scanner, as it IS in FACT a film loaded 35mm SLR camera that I am using for class.  So you will all just have to bear with me as I try to muddle my way through explainations and whatnot. 

(I actually DO have a scanner, but it’s been so long since it’s been hooked up, I don’t know if it works, the printer part of it died so I was planning on tossing it out.  I’ll likely get something soon though, I’m trying to budget for it, I really DO actually need a printer too!)

So … my current project (after doing the basics like Photograms and playing around in the darkroom) is to photograph moving objects while playing with Aperature and Speed.  (Speed = how fast the shutter opens and closes and Aperature = how far you allow the shutter to open and close) 2 rolls, 2 venues.

For the first roll of film; first venue, I took my niece and nephew to the park and started changing settings and snapping away.  That was really really enjoyable. 

For my second roll of film; second venue, I headed out to the racetrack to see my dad race his car.  That was really really loud!

Monday (when you will all likely be reading this) we will develop the film and if time permits start making some prints.  Wednesday will be actual print making day.

Did you know … that once film is developed you can view it in the light, but in order to develop it, you have to do it all in the dark.  There is no ‘safe light’ for film as there is for prints.  (The safelight has to do with the print paper and not the actual negatives!) Interesting … huh? Well … I’m in the class to learn … and I certainly learned that. 

That is pretty much it so far. 

A side note.  I have a film developing tank

that I use to develope the film.  See that little white reel over there? I have to load the film out of the film canister (the thing that goes in the back of your camera) onto that reel in pitch black darkness, by feel only. 


(sometimes I just can’t wait to go digital but I know that what I’m learning here is invaluable! And often times, you get a better depth in your photos when you use film. *sighs*)

So … that’s what I’ll be doing in the ‘dark dark’ room this morning (Monday).

We’ll see how my snapshots turned out at a later date. (hopefully I can get one or two good prints out of it!!! Cross ya fingers and toes and pinkies!)

All my best!



August 29, 2010




Awfully profound and so true!

Sporadic Injections

August 20, 2010

I’ll be sporadically jumpin in here from time to time, as I ease myself back into the blogosphere!

I can’t believe that summer is coming to an end! I have to say I’ve been really impressed with many of the summer season (TV) line-up! Seriously though, if you recall from a post a very very long time ago, which for the life of me I cannot find … I watch a LOT of TV.  My line-up for the summer season was as follows:

The Closer, Rizzoli and Isles, Psych, Royal Pains, The Next Food Network Star, True Blood, Merlin, Army Wives, Mad Men, Hell’s Kitchen, In Plain Sight, Warehouse 13, Leverage, So You Think You Can Dance, Master Chef, Being Human, Eureka, Haven and Burn Notice.  (I’m sure I’ve missed one or two shows in here, and actually I was perusing through my dvr to do list and I know I have, I just can’t remember what I’m missing on this list now. Heh)

I know it sounds like a lot, but some of the shows were staggared from ‘off season’ to ‘summer season’ so really I wasn’t watching them all at once! HAH!

I have to say though I have been thoroughly entertained this summer.  Which has actually been working out really well on my off work days, as I’ve been tending to wake up at 3am when there’s nothing on TV.  So the shows I have on my DVR are a godsend!

I do believe my photog class starts around the second week of September.  (Gotta finalize all of that, one moment while I edit my to do list bberry style!) I’m really looking forward to getting this first class out of the way.  I’m excited to learn something new and to be challenged in a way I haven’t been in a very very long time!! Wish me besties of lucks folks!

So I know you all want a weight loss update, I haven’t ‘gained’ any.  But I’ve been pretty much off plan since I broke my ankle.  I have to buckle down and get back to good again.  I’ve been re-reading my plan book and writing down recipes.  We’ll be starting back up full force next week.  Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been binging on big macs or tacos or anything … I just haven’t been sticking perfectly to the no oil, no butter, no dairy aspect of the diet.  So for the most part my meals are still 2oz of protein, 1/2 cup carbs and 1-2 cups veg.  I’m just not timing them the way I should, and I hadn’t worked out in a while.

I’ve also eased back into the gym routine, and I had seriously forgotten how much I actually enjoyed working out!  Tomorrow morning I’m off to the gym again! WOOT WOOT!

So … that’s all the updating I have at the moment.  I’ll try to sneak in with some recipes that I’ve been coming across. 

Brightest blessings,